Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating works by circulating heated water through a series of continuous pipes that are laid underneath your flooring. Heat is transmitted from the pipes to the floor, then by gentle heat radiation, to the room. The entire surface of the floor gives off heat.

The advantages of Underfloor Heating

The underfloor heating system keeps a constant temperature that warms up the room evenly whereas with traditional radiators you experience hot and cold spots.

You can get rid of unsightly radiators that sometimes are disguised with pretty wooden panels that hinder their performance anyway. This will give you free reign on your room design including where to put your furniture.

It can save you money and help the environment. Underfloor heating works at a lower temperature than convention heating requiring less power from the boiler.

It’s quiet. None of the weird sounds that occur when the central heating system heats up or cools down giving you peace and quiet.

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