Smart Home Installations

Home Automation is using technology to control your home security, central heating, lighting, sound systems and other appliances, essentially from anywhere.

The advances in technology makes home automation (Smart Homes) more affordable to many. The main benefit is the ability to control and monitor and control your security, heating and lighting remotely, whether your just at work or away for a few days.

Why use CSM Electrical

We know the right equipment to use, how to install it correctly, where to install it and how to set it up for you so nothing can go wrong. We make the whole Smart Home Installation quick and easy without any hassle.

How it works

Basically any programmable device, like thermostats, boiler sensors, alarm system, smoke detectors, CCTV cameras, lights, appliances, electrical outlets, etc. are connected up to a remotely controllable network via the Internet.

The devices can then communicate with an app on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or pc and be controlled and monitored remotely from anywhere.

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